Secret of Success for National & amp; DU 7 college students


Many of us may not know that there’s a small and rapid formula for success in life. That is, if you can transform what you like to do economically, then you will be successful in life. Such as Bear Grylls, who loved to walk in the forest but he has become a big celebrity by bringing it on the television screen. Now he lacks nothing.

But in a country as densely populated as Bangladesh and where there’s a crisis of work, people don’t dare to think of doing the work of their own choice, Sometimes we can’t mobilize any job.

One of the reasons behind this is the lack of career-oriented teaching in the country’s universities and the concept of the typical thought of students’ careers.

Most of the students in our country, especially the public university students’ have only one thought to prepare for BCS. And beyond that, the idea of ​​a vast world of success in life may not be known to many. While preparing for this BCS, the students waste a large part of their real career period and later most of the students don’t get government jobs and the age also goes away and they have a frustrating life due to lack of experience. For this reason, in the job market, students in private universities have a higher rate of starting careers than students in public universities. One of the reasons for this is that students in private universities do more research on the outside world of BCS and start their careers in these potential sectors then achieve success.

One thing we need to know is that every year more than 60,000 students graduate from different universities. In comparison, the BSC sector can ensure only 5% employment in the workplace.

I am not against BCS or government jobs at all, I just want to say that only those who are qualified and have a strong desire should prepare for it and the rest should choose the workplace based on their talents and abilities.

So we need to prepare ourselves for university life. We need to keep in mind that the university will never arrange your career, it is just a platform for us to prepare ourselves for future careers.

From the first year of university, one has to acquire special skills in English and computer and always has to prepare the required documents for application in the workplace.
From next year onwards, you will be able to use this skill so you can do any part-time job or internship. You have to do these because you have at least one work experience and it will help you for your future career.

And we know that a CV is also required in marriage nowadays. So we have to prepare a CV for university life.

Some things should be done from university life, they are:
1. Do any work related to earning money besides studying.
2. Reading various external books as well as institutional books.
3. To acquire any special technical education.
4. Involvement with any voluntary organization.

If you want you can also prepare for IELTS to for study a master’s in a foreign country. Because for those who go abroad to do Masters with completed Honors in own country, there is more advantage, Academes also recommended it. Doing so you will show that you have a good CV before completing graduation. Special skills and qualifications help you to participate in your suitable workplace.

At present, 95% of the workforce in the country, notably:-
1. ICT or outsourcing sector
2. Garments sector
3. Hotel management or tourism sector

Nowadays, the government is providing special financial assistance and various incentives to make newcomers in the country entrepreneurs.
So do what you love to do and achieve success in life.

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Md Swaid Sameh