Formation of teachers’ committees of seven colleges


In order to enhance the excellent of education, seven authorities faculties in the capital have been affiliated to Dhaka University on sixteen February 2017, Since the affiliation, more than a few issues and irregularities have now not left the establishments behind. Students of seven schools have been viewed collaborating in the motion at extraordinary instances to remedy the problem. This time the instructors of seven schools are additionally going through troubles in pleasing their expert responsibilities.

A assembly was once held on Monday (February 15) at the Dhaka College Teachers’ Lounge with instructors from the BCS normal training cadre working in seven colleges. At the meeting, a 21-member Seven College Teachers Association used to be fashioned to tackle these expert troubles of teachers. Begum Badrunnesa Government Women’s College Professor Md. Mohiuddin has been appointed as the President, Dhaka College Professor Dr. has been appointed as the General Secretary. Md. Abdul Quddus Sikder.

Also Prof. Afroza Begum Rosie (Eden Women’s College) as Vice-President, Kamal Haider (Secretary of Teachers Council of Government Titumir College) as Joint General Secretary, Khairul Bashar (Eden Women’s College) as Treasurer, Almamun Russell (Government Titumir College) as Publicity Secretary Got it.

Teachers whinge of harassment and struggling in getting honorarium bill, lack of coordination in education of query papers, inequality in distribution of reply sheets, inequality in formation of query components committee, overlook of instructors of eight faculties affiliated to extraordinary jobs, Even after being requested to ship again, the instructors of the seven authorities faculties affiliated to Dhaka University are plagued with quite a number issues such as seating allowance and non-availability of TA / DA in the committee meeting.

If you desire to comprehend about the General Secretary of the Seven College Teachers Association. Md. Abdul Quddus Sikder stated that the Seven College Teachers Association will work to remedy the expert issues of the widely wide-spread instructors of the seven colleges. We have mentioned many inequalities due to the fact that the affiliation. We choose truthful options to the problems.

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