Students who have autopsied in HSC will get the opportunity of quality improvement test


Last year’s HSC and equal tests have been canceled due to coronavirus. Instead, the consequences of JSC-SSC and equal examinations have been introduced on January 30. About thirteen lakh college students have surpassed it. As a result, the quantity of college students who acquired GPA-5 is greater than one and a half of lakh. However, many of them ought to now not get top results.

In this situation, he is skeptical about whether or not he will be capable to supply excellent improvement check as before. However, the schooling boards have eliminated their doubts. They will get the possibility to provide high-quality enchancment test. However, the examinees will get the chance to provide this take a look at solely once. It is discovered that no one will get the possibility to supply fantastic enchancment take a look at for the 2nd time.

Multiple schooling board sources stated that if everybody is no longer comfortable with the effects of the autopsy, they have been given the possibility to reassess the results. If no one is cozy with this, they will be in a position to take the satisfactory enchancment take a look at tomorrow. There is no trade in the rules. Autopass college students will be in a position to take the take a look at in the equal way as before.

Autopass: There is no possibility to supply high-quality enchancment take a look at for the 2nd time

Professor Kaiser Ahmed, chairman of the Madrasa Board of Education, informed The Daily Campus on Tuesday (February 2nd) morning, “Anyone who wishes to take a high-quality enchancment check can do so.” Students will no longer be considered one by one even if they are autopsy. They can do the whole lot as before. ‘

Biplob Kumar Bhattacharya, secretary of the Barisal Board of Education, instructed The Daily Campus, “This time they are getting a hazard to evaluate the results. Even then, if no one is comfy with the result, they will be in a position to observe for the satisfactory enchancment check as earlier than when the registration is going on this year. There will be no alternate in the rules. ‘

Comilla Education Board Chairman Prof. Md. Abdus Salam advised The Daily Campus, ‘There is solely one risk to take the first-class test. In that case, if all of us wants, he can supply a fine enchancment check once. There is no hazard to take the take a look at for the 2nd time. ‘

According to the newly introduced results, thirteen lakh eight thousand 36 humans have exceeded underneath 9 prevalent boards, madrasas and technical boards of the country. Of these, one lakh sixty one thousand 606 human beings bought GPA-5. Last year, a complete of 46,026 humans acquired GPA-5. As such, this time he bought GPA-5 in Autopass greater than three times. This time 6,489 college students obtained GPA-5 and 73,337 college students bought GPA-5. Among GPA-5 students, the quantity of science college students is higher.

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