How all students at the undergraduate or equivalent level will apply for financial aid online.


Notification regarding extension of deadline for online application for grants to educational institutions, teachers and students:



Can apply: All students from 6th class to undergraduate or equivalent level.
Application deadline: 08 March 2021

Link to apply for student financial aid online:

Required documents:
1 / Certificate signed by the head of the institution / head of the department from the educational institution where you are currently studying.
2 / Own ID card / birth registration certificate number.
3 / Father and mother’s national identity card number

4 / Email address
5 / active mobile number (of course cash account must be active! If not, open it)

Rules for filling the application form:
Must fill in the red starred boxes of the application form. Filling in other rooms is optional.
At the beginning of ( enter the link and complete the registration with the active mobile number and full name by clicking on the registration option.

Go to the next step with the online number and date of birth of National Identity Card Number / Birth Registration Certificate.
In this step, click on ‘Assistance / Allowance / Grant’ option and then click on ‘Student Financial Grant’ option No.36.
The next step is to complete the application by uploading all your information and credentials.

  • Can be saved if required before the application process is completed and the draft application can be resumed later from the service management option.
  •  After submitting the application a unique tracking number will be provided for each application which can be used to know the progress of the application from the service management option.
  • Certificate for uploading (maximum file size is 10 MB. Authorized file extensions: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, pdf)

The service delivery period is 120 working days. Payment will be made through mobile banking (cash) system. A maximum of Rs.10000 / – can be sanctioned per student depending on the approved budget at the undergraduate / equivalent level.



NB: If you try without a certificate, you can’t apply, all your hard work will be in vain

Note that this is not an application for a stipend given by the Prime Minister’s Trust at the undergraduate level! Graduation Degree 2019-20 Session 1st Year Regular Students and other students studying in the degree who have not been able to apply before will be given the opportunity to apply for the stipend in August / September 2021!

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