Advice on permanent cancellation of primary-eighth class examinations


Mohammad Farasuddin, former governor of Bangladesh Bank and chief adviser of East West University, has recommended the permanent abolition of Class V Primary Education (PECE) and Class VIII Junior School Certificate (JSC) examinations.

Mohammad Farasuddin made the recommendation while attending a virtual discussion meeting organized by the Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO in the capital on Sunday on the occasion of International Education Day.

Mohammad Farasuddin said, “I want to say one thing, I know this word is not popular in the government. That is about the fifth class and eighth class public exams but there are complaints. I think those who are running the country, setting the policy, speaking in front of them, they may not reveal the truth. Parents and students feel very helpless in this way. But those who intend to read privately and publish note-guides are happy. So it would be strongly recommended, because of this Covid-19, these two tests did not happen this time. It is necessary to think whether it can be eliminated permanently or not.

In 2009, the government suddenly started taking the final examination of primary education nationally. At first it was limited to general education only. Later, the ibtedayi education final (equivalent to fifth class) examination of the madrasa was also introduced. JSC examination started in 2010. Various discussions and criticisms are going on about these tests.

Especially the final examination of primary education is putting extra pressure on the children. Therefore, various organizations of educators, educational researchers and parents have been asking for a long time to eliminate this test. In such a situation, Mohammad Farasuddin suggested the permanent omission of these two tests.

Education Minister Dipu Moni was the chief guest in the discussion. Referring to Mohammad Farasuddin’s discussion, the Education Minister said, “There are different views on the final examination of primary education and the JSC examination. Most people say they don’t want the primary test in particular. These are being discussed in various places. We have no decision on this at the moment. Even then, we are thinking about these. ‘

At the time, the Education Minister highlighted various aspects of education, including preparations for reopening of educational institutions that were closed due to coronavirus.

During the discussion, Mohammad Farasuddin also spoke about various reforms in education. He favored reopening primary schools because of the lower risk of Kovid-19 among minors. But of course follow the hygiene rules. When it comes to opening a school, his advice is to take classes in two shifts a day (one shift in the morning and one shift in the afternoon). She will come to school three days a week.

In this way teachers will have extra hard work. However, he suggested motivating primary and secondary teachers with additional financial benefits equal to the basic salary.

Farasuddin said that if the SSC and HSC candidates can take classes for three months in the cut syllabus, SSC exams can be taken at the end of May and HSC exams at the end of June. He emphasized on practical education in higher education.

Deputy Minister for Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury, Secretary for Technical and Madrasa Education Department Aminul Islam Khan, Secretary for Primary and Mass Education Hasibul Alam, UNESCO Bangladesh Representative Beatrice Caldun and others also spoke in the discussion chaired by Secretary of Secondary and Higher Education Department Md. Mahbub Hossain.

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