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Something for the purpose of the candidates admitted to the seven colleges!

Something for the purpose of the candidates admitted to the seven colleges!

Admission check subjects, quantity distribution and brief tips in seven authorities faculties affiliated to Dhaka University –

★ Admission take a look at of these three gadgets of Arts and Social Sciences, Commerce, and Science will be performed in -MCQ machine as per the syllabus of greater secondary level.
1. Arts and Social Sciences Unit (Humanities) 6
The one hundred twenty mark examination will have a hundred MCQ questions in Bengali, English, General Knowledge.
নম্বর Number distribution of the three topics mentioned:
A. Bengali – 30
B. English-30
C. General knowledge-60
(General Knowledge will encompass Bangladesh Affairs-30, International Affairs-30)

★ There will additionally be some questions on social sciences, politics and accurate governance, economics, history, records of Islam, logic, geography, religion, etc. studied at the greater secondary level.

★ Only these who have now not examine Bengali as their mom tongue will have to reply the query in Elective English as an alternative of Bengali.
2. Science Unit:
Test Subject and Number Distribution-
You have to reply questions on a whole of 4 subjects such as elements and chemistry.
A whole of one hundred twenty marks will be given for every challenge with 30 marks.

★ Candidates who are at greater secondary or equal level
A. Physics
B. Chemistry
C. Biology
D. Mathematics
Having studied the 4 topics mentioned, they will check all these subjects.

★ If any candidate wishes, he / she can entire a whole of 4 topics inclusive of reply of any one of Bengali and English topics rather of 4th challenge solely at greater secondary level. Candidates who have no longer or have no longer studied any two topics of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology at the greater secondary or equal stage will have to reply solely 4 topics such as Bengali and English.
3. Trade Unit:
Test Subject and Human Distribution-
নম্বর a hundred and twenty marks are distributed for one hundred questions in total.
24 marks for every subject.
The unit has to reply questions on a whole of 5 topics-
A. Bengali- (20 × 1.20) = 24 numbers
B. English – 24
C. Accounting Science – 24
D. Business schooling – 24
E. Marketing / Finance and Banking – 24
A complete of a hundred and twenty numbers.

★ You can comply with the above noted books of greater secondary to put together for the admission take a look at in all the units. There are additionally books handy in the market for admission to seven colleges. You will get Nilkhet or Farmgate in Dhaka!

** Note: The stated topics and numbers had been given as per the guidelines of the admission take a look at of the seven faculties ultimate year. This time the round has no longer been posted yet, any alternate will be knowledgeable after it is published. However, the Dhaka University Government Seven College Admission Examination Authority will be knowledgeable as quickly as it is aware of how to trade the guidelines of the examination or how to take the examination.

👉 If each person has any questions, you can let us comprehend in the comments.
Good success and love to all!
#Government_seven_college equipped to desire newcomers!
Study carefully, there is no choice to study!
Always be good!
Thanks all of us ❤️

Best regards
Kamrul Hasan Mohammad Rakish
Department of Geography and Environment,
Dhaka College, Dhaka!

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